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  • DIY All-Natural Respiratory Protect Workshop

DIY All-Natural Respiratory Protect Workshop

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  • Speaker: Yeow Chu Pei Aroma Therapist
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DIY All-Natural Respiratory Protect Workshop

➡️Face mask is a critical preventive measure and most essential in this pandemic period. It can prevent the virus from entering into the nose and lungs, but masks have been hard for some people as they feel discomfort and difficult to breathe. Besides, some people are facing and struggling acne and sensitive issues due to wearing face mask for all day long. 

➡️Let’s solve all these problems in natural way! 

➡️First of all, the safety of the ingredients are our concern! So why not we learn to DIY at the same time we discover the correct, nature and safety ingredients 

What we going to do?

< Breathe Away Balm, 10g> 

Bring the fresh air with you anytime! It is superior relief from the discomforts associated with congestion, flu, colds, also prevent the respiratory infections and strengthen the immune system. It also can moisture the skin, leave your skin soft and delightful aroma. 

<Refreshing Room Spray, 30ml>

A quick and convenient way to give the space a delightful smell. With the synergy blend that emphasise on anti-bacterial and antivirus, not only battling stale air but also protect you and your family from pathogens. It surely will become your new household staple

Mother nature will protect us. 

Believe in plant will support and heal us all the time. 

Make your own natural and powerful home-care to protect yourself and your loves one! 

➡️Fees: RM 120/pax; RM200 for 2 person

All materials will be provided, include: 

your self-synergy blend

Beewax and Shea butter 

Plant-derived alcohol 

geranium/thyme hydrolat 

Carrier oil 

⚡️Extra notes: You can bring home an extra free 30ml flora face mist to soothe and moisture your skin!

➡️Date: 14/11/2020 (Saturday) 

Time:  1pm-3pm; 4pm-6pm

Venue: 7, Jalan Desiran Tanjung 8, Tanjung Tokong 

*Kindly note that we only accept maximum 4 person in one slot, so we have limited slots available. *

We provide one-to-one workshop too. Pre-book with us earlier for special arrangement 

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