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Tan Seow San (Eurythmist)

Tan Seow San (Eurythmist)

Published: 04/03/2017

Tan Seow San 

Eurythmist /优律思美 治疗师

Graduated from Eurythmy West Midlands UK 2016

Diploma From Goetheanum, Dornach

Bachelor of Art from Alanus University, Germany

Currently pursuing MA Eurythmy Therapy Alanus University in UK


Harmonious Movement

Harmonious Body Soul Spirit

Eurythmy is an expressive movement art from the west, an exercise, meditation, therapy, hygienic practice and a social art that wakes up the soul forces within. For our time, we need to work on the soul consciously in order to strengthen, calm and centre. We need to be able to form objective thinking and to express objective feelings.  

If we look deeper into our heart, we realize we want to be useful and able to create in our life. To create something awesome, and what brings us to realize our dream is the will force. 

Eurythmy allows us to reconnect with oneself, reconnect with society, reconnect with the universe.

Why Eurythmy?

  • develop self consciousness 

  • gain inner peace and practice living in the present moment

  • strengthen will forces and put ideas into action, help in our daily life decision making power.

  • strengthen health and immune system

  • improve social relation

  • improve total balance of body, soul and spirit

*Suitable for all ages

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